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The power of music curation 🎧

How to use music to shape atmosphere and transform experiences

I’ve been making mixtapes since I was 12 years old.

Make people feel at home

A few years back, I was leading an offsite with an international fragrance company. Their top managers were gathered on the 26th floor of a boardroom in San Francisco. Each person had flown in from a different region. To prepare for my event, I got a list of all the countries my participants hailed from and selected music from each place.

Create an irresistible atmosphere

In 2010, I was living in Seattle and teaching art at an alternative high school. I had a dismal attendance rate and the students who did show up would sit back confrontationally in their chairs with arms crossed, sneering. Needless to say, the culture of the classroom needed a bit of a revamp.

Let yourself experiment

The next time you are planning an event — whether that’s a workshop, party, wedding, funeral, baby shower, road trip, or anything in between — take a little extra time to curate a playlist that shapes the way you WANT people to feel.

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