Taken at Late Nite Art® by Eli Zaturanski Photography

How to use music to shape atmosphere and transform experiences

I’ve been making mixtapes since I was 12 years old.

My friend Mike and I used to stay up all night in his mom’s chicken coop, feverishly passing music back and forth, picking songs to create “the perfect” mixtape. Finding new music and creating mixes became an obsession.

Fast forward 20 years — music is now an integral part of my work.

Whether I am getting 150 HR managers to dance like giddy teenagers to Bollywood music or using calm, classical piano to create a reflective atmosphere for intimate conversations — I’ve found that in just 5 seconds, the right…

Taken at Late Nite Art® by Vivian Sachs Photography (viviansachs.com)

A call for humanization

I begin many of my online workshops with the same question: “What is one role you play outside of your work?” While facilitating a program with a group of MBA students in Guadalajara, Mexico, one young man shouted “I’m going to be a Dad!” The whole room erupted in cheers! This simple question can bring humanity into a room.

Something magical happens when we see each other. When for a moment, we drop the labels, titles, and associations to truly witness the human being sitting behind the screen.

“Everybody has a soft underbelly.” — My Mom, Denise Blanc

With the…

“We go through life. We shed our skins. We become ourselves.” — Patti Smith

Big River Beach, Mendocino. 📸 by Eli Zaturanski.

Some people called 2020 a dumpster fire.

For others, it was an opportunity to shed a skin and begin a new chapter. This is my attempt to piece through this extra-ordinary year — to uncover the gems, reflect on the struggle, and highlight the peaks and valleys that defined my experience.

I won’t lie and say this was easy — in fact, I’d call my resistance to this process bordering on unbearable (I started feeling a little manic)— but after looking through every journal entry I wrote in 2020, all my notes, photos, and projects — I uncovered some learnings and lessons that felt too important not…

Photo taken at Late Nite Art by Nirit Gur-Karby

For the last 8 years, I’ve led creative trainings for teams around the globe, transforming the typical business gathering into an unforgettable and connective experience.

Just imagine. Business executives writing collaborative poems to solve the challenges that keep them up at night. Engineers doodling to let go of their inner critic. Quantum computing scientists drawing blind portraits of one another to build empathy. Intrigued?

After 350 live events across 12 countries, my business Late Nite Art was finding its niche. Then, out of nowhere, COVID-19 hit. Since so much of what we do is about face-to-face connection and getting people…

“Follow the omens.” — Paulo Coelho

Solo Adventures in Phong Nha, Vietnam

2019 was a blur.

A month back, if you had asked me what happened last year, I might have looked at you with a blank, overwhelmed stare. You know that feeling when you’ve done so much but you can’t remember any of it?

So, over the last few months, I decided to slow wayyyy down and reflect on this beautiful and challenging year. I participated in a program called “Nightingale: A Year End Review Immersion.” It’s a 3-week program in December led by experience design pioneer Ting Kelly, where you re-examine every aspect of your year. As someone who likes to be in motion…

Adam Rosendahl

Facilitator | Social Artist | Experience Designer | Founder, LATE NITE ART® — www.lateniteart.com

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